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The go-to app for pranking your friends


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Juasapp is an app to make prank calls to your friends. That said, there's a limited number of calls you can make, which you have to pay for with real money, or by sharing the app with your friends.

There are pranks for all types of people. Some of them are aimed at women, others at people who drive to work, at dog owners, etc. You'll find pranks of all kinds.

The process by which Juasapp makes the prank call is really simple: you select the prank, then write the phone number you want to make it to, and finally choose a time to make the prank call. Then just wait for that time.

Juasapp is a really effective prank call app. That said, doing these pranks costs you money. You either have to pay for the calls, or share this app with a LOT of friends.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher